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There are three types of wells used in residential and commercial premises. These include driven, dug and drilled. The depth of a well varies with the type. Health risks and maintenance procedures are determined by the depth of the well. Generally, shallow wells are more likely to be contaminated by pesticides and other contaminants.

Well Repair and Maintenance

Wells should be installed away from water flow. This means people should dig their wells away from rivers, streams and flood prone areas. Such areas are prone to water contamination. Moreover, locate a well away from rainwater flow. This eliminates the probability of runoff from roads and gardens from getting into the well. The surrounding land should slope way from the well. People are advised to hire certified well contractors to undertake repairs on their well systems. It is also advisable to hire the contractors to undertake well checkup at least once a year. Certified well contractors can test and identify issues affecting the well and undertake relevant repair procedures.

Some of the maintenance and repair procedures undertaken by our Texas well water system repair contractors include an inspection of the mechanical set up of the well including the pump motor and checking water flow to determine system output. During maintenance, contractors inspect the surroundings of the well, check the well cover for damage and inspect the well for potential hazards.

What Necessitates Well Repair

Broken Pipes: This is the most common cause of dirty well water. Broken pipes allow dirty water from surface runoff to enter the well. This makes the well water develop an odor and bad taste.

Mineral Deposits: Deposits normally break down in well pipes, leaving sediments, grit and grime in the well water. Well repair contractors use filters and other cleaning products to rid the well of mineral deposits.

High Iron Levels: Well water with high levels of iron can leave unsightly stains in toilets, washing machines and sinks. Well water repair can be the best solution to this problem.

Organic Matter: Well water should not be musty or have an earthen smell. In addition, the water should not leave black or yellow stains on clothes. These are signs that the well water is contaminated with decaying matter. This problem requires well water repair, which will improve the well’s filtration systems.

With over 50 years of experience, Hydro Resources formerly known as Whisenant & Lyle Water Services, Inc. offers quality Texas & Austin well water system repair and maintenance services in Central Texas at affordable rates. Contact us if you suspect any problems with your water well system.

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