Residential Water Well Systems in Texas

A drilled water well is sometimes the only option for providing drinkable water at a residential or farm in Texas. The wells collect water from underground aquifers and pump it to the surface for use. Water wells are common in rural areas and may be necessary in some rural residential subdivisions.

Hydro Resources uses a variety of drilling techniques depending on the depth and rock characteristics of the targeted reservoir. Using modern, well maintained equipment capable of drilling to depths over 1,000 feet, we have the reputation of efficiently completing a productive water well in a minimum amount of time.

Based on our expansive data base of water wells drilled in central Texas over the past 50 plus years and the extensive reservoir knowledge of our experienced personnel, we work with customers in locating an appropriate site for a prospective water well. Once the location is established, a well is designed and submersible pump is configured to meet the needs of the customer, based on anticipated water production rates.

Well Location and Design Standards

Commercial Well DrillingThe first step in drilling a water well involves determining the location for drilling the bore. Homeowners often rely on the services of an engineering service to determine what location offers the best chance of striking water. These engineers consult geological surveys to determine where best to drill for water. This geological information can also predict the likely depth water will be encountered. This can be used to estimate the costs of drilling the well.

Well drilling rigs use a drill bit assembly that rotates as it is forced into the ground. Water is used to flush the soil that is removed by the drill bit. This commonly requires the well driller to travel with a water tanker for use during the drilling process.

A pipe, known as a well casing, is placed within the bore of the drilled hole. This prevents the bore from caving in around the drill string that powers the drill bit. The drill string, bit and well casing are forced down until the bit strikes water. At that point, the drill string and bit are removed.

Depending on the well depth, a submersible pump may be placed down the well casing. This electric pump pushes water up through well pipes to ground level in deeper wells. Shallow wells, commonly under 25 feet utilize a surface mounted pumps that pull water from the well to the surface. Either pump system uses the same well drilling process.

Residential Well Drilling Services in Hays County

Since 1963, Whisenant & Lyle Water Services (now Hydro Resources) has been dedicated to providing clean drinking water for Texas homes and families. We have over 50 years of experience and understand that each situation is different. No matter what well drilling service you need for your home, Hydro Resources will assist you through the entire process.


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