Hague WaterMax® Water Softener

With the Hague WaterMax® water softener system, you can enjoy soft, pure water and the following benefits: Hague Water Softener

  • Provides you with softer, delicious tasting water as much as 80 percent faster
  • Softer water means less mineral accumulation in your plumbing, fixtures and water heater, making last far longer and saving you a small fortune
  • You can spend as much as 75 percent less money on cleaning products
  • Lets you use less salt by using up to 50 percent less regenerant compared to other systems
  • Gives you cleaner water while using around 80 percent less
  • Your energy cost savings can add up to as much as 30 percent
  • Prevents channeling of water and uses all of the resin in order to give you greater efficiency, unlike other softening systems

Use the Hague WaterMax® System for Problems with well or municipal water

WaterMaxWaterMax® water softening systems use a patented method to address the unique water needs of your home. Our WaterMax® multi-compartment tank gives you greater leeway for configuring media and ensures an increased capacity of usable resin. Best of all, the system can be set up for treatment of both municipal and well water problems. Your WaterMax® water softening system can be easily set up to remedy water quality issues like smells, chlorine, chloramine, bad tastes, iron, lead, sulfur, hardness and volatile organic compounds. Call us today at one of the above numbers to schedule your no-cost consultation.        
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