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Rainwater Collection in Dripping Springs and Austin

As a company, Hydro Resources is constantly making efforts to improve and expand our water services and expertise. In order to meet the requests of our existing and prospective customers, we have expanded our services to include the installation and maintenance of complete rainwater collection systems.

Texas Rainwater Harvesting

We offer rainwater collection systems for both residential and commercial usage. These systems provide an alternative to well-water systems in areas when ground water is geographically difficult to access. These systems can also be used as a supplemental water source in conjunction with more traditional sources such well water.

Why Use Rainwater Collection Systems?

The benefits of rainwater harvesting are that it has a hardness of zero, and can easily be made potable and safe to drink without the use of chemicals. In certain areas, municipalities may sometimes offer rebates for use and installation of rainwater harvesting systems. Our experts can answer questions and consult you on best practice guidelines to managing rainwater collection systems in Texas for your home or business. Call us today to get started – it is easier than you think!
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