A Detailed Look at Private Water Well Safety

Water wells may seem like a thing from the past, but according to the data we found, 15% of Americans don’t rely on the public drinking water system. This infographic should educate you about the risks and benefits of owning your own private water well. Learn more about which steps are necessary to water drilling, the types of water wells, the maintenance of water wells, and how to detect contamination.

Water Well Maintenance to Keep You & Your Family Healthy

In Texas, where summers can be brutal and dry out surface water, maintaining your private water well becomes crucial in providing your home with an ample water supply. We hope that after viewing this infographic you can determine whether your well is up to a healthy standard and if you have any questions or need help deciphering how clean and safe the water well at your home is, please contact us or fill out a free estimate. Or you can simply call us at 512-858-4375.
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Water Well Guidelines and Safety

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Water Well Guidelines and Safety
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