Different Types of Well Head Completions

There are a variety of ways to complete the installation your new water well, here are some water well diagrams to reference.

Basic Installation of Well Head

Here is the basic installation of the well and equipment at the well head (see figure 1). This type of completion requires the piping to come out of the top of the well head and to the pressure tank that typically sits next to the well head. This leaves the pipes above ground and exposed to the elements. Pipes would be buried after the pipe leaves the pressure tank, and goes to the point of use. This is typically done by the builder or by Hydro Resources for an extra cost. Hydro Resources can accommodate most any clients’ needs for the completion of the above ground equipment and well head.

Pit-Less Adapter Well Head

An alternative to the above referenced completion of a well head is the Pit-Less Adapter. This device allows for the piping to be directed underground and out of the elements (see figure 2). This type of completion is common in the northern states due to freezing temperatures. Here in Texas it is less common, but does allow for peace of mind when it comes to pipes freezing. In the city it also serves as a way to hide the obvious well head by eliminating the above ground piping and moving the equipment out of site. A pressure tank could be buried or moved into a garage or along the side of the home.

Gravel Packing the Water Well

In some rare instances a water well will need to be Gravel Packed to prevent sand from getting into the water pump and your irrigation system, causing the nozzles of the sprinkler heads to become clogged. This type of well completion can only be done in the construction phase of a new water well. Typically Hydro Resources will know of the need for this during the estimating phase of project. However, in some cases this may not be known and the driller will need to make a recommendation based on the formations of sand that he has encountered. If not known in the estimating phase, the cost would be additional to your estimate. Gravel Packing is done with washed gravel and is placed on the outside of the slotted casing wall and up to the top of the slotted casing highest joint. The cement/Benseal grouting would be placed above the gravel at the first blank casing joint to ensure sand or other debris would not get into the filtered water. A constant pressure system with this explanation is showcased below (see figure 3). *Pit-Less adapter shown in stages of completion.   Click Here For Your FREE Quote Have a Question? Call Us: 512-858-4375

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