Hydro Resources is dedicated to providing customers with safe and reliable water supply needs. We understand the importance of the public water supply and how unsafe water can be very costly to a business. With Hydro Resources, you can depend on us to provide a quality water source for your present and future uses. While all of our trained professionals stay up-to-date with the current public water regulations and compliances, these rules are constantly changing and are different for different areas.

Operate a Public Water System in Central Texas

Commercial Well DrillingWhen it comes to public drinking water, there are numerous rules governing public water systems. According to the Texas Administrative Code, these include water treatment plant design and maintenance, drinking water quality and reporting requirements, QA reports of drinking water quality sent annually to residents, and much more. It’s imperative that those involved with operating the public water system are aware of the rules and any changes that may result due to new environmental regulations or other policies.

Groundwater Sources and Development

Because groundwater sources play an important role in the public water system, there are many policies in place to ensure these sources remain safe. Due to groundwater sources always being susceptible to pollution, the Texas Administrative Code states that groundwater sources are not to be located in spots where flooding can create pollution problems. Along with this, sites near livestock and animal pens, underground chemical tanks, solid waste disposal sites, and improperly sealed wells are not allowed for consideration.

Drinking Water Quality

Perhaps the most important rules of operating a public water system pertain to the quality of the drinking water within the system. Organic and inorganic compounds are tested regularly, and testing is also done for microbial contaminants and radionuclide contaminants. In addition to this, public water systems are subject to raw water monitoring, individual filter turbidity, and pathogen removal and inactivation. For Texas public water systems, the minimum residual disinfectant concentration in water that enters the distribution system can be no more than .2 milligrams per liter-free chlorine.

Annual Reports

An extremely important aspect of any public water system is residents having confidence that the water they are drinking is safe. To make sure this happens year after year, all Texas localities are required to provide citizens with consumer confidence reports annually. Within these reports, the sources of the water delivered to the community are identified. This is done by providing details as to whether the water sources are surface water or groundwater, as well as the names and locations of any bodies of water used for water sources. If the public water system has received an assessment from its executive director, that assessment must also be included in the report. Within the assessment, any information pertaining to the system being susceptible to potential contamination problems must also be included in language that is considered easy-to-understand.

Health Information

If the public water system has levels of arsenic or nitrate that are above 5 mg/L, that information must be disclosed to residents. Other health information should be stated for residents who have health issues such as cancer, AIDS, compromised immune systems, or who have undergone recent chemotherapy treatments or organ transplants. These statements must advise residents to seek the advice of medical professionals if they have any questions regarding the safety of their drinking water, and provide the toll-free number of the Safe Drinking Water Hotline. By following the various rules and regulations pertaining to public water systems, residents of Texas localities can be sure their drinking water has been tested and is indeed safe for consumption. And it today’s world where full disclosure of information is so important, these reports can be crucial in protecting the environment as well as nearby residents.

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